Cronica Privacy Policy

Cronica is a privacy-focused app that allows users to track their movies and TV shows. The app collects minimal data to minimize app crashes and provide a feedback feature, and this data is fully anonymous.

If a user opts to sync their watchlist with iCloud, their data will be backed up to Apple’s servers. However, this data is not accessible or visible to the app developer.

The app uses the TelemetryDeck service to collect information about app crashes. This information consists of a random User ID, App Version, Locale, Device Model Name, OS version, and system version. If a user opts to disable crash reports, some app functionality will be disabled, such as the Send Feedback feature. Disabling crash reports will prevent the developer from receiving crash reports.

To provide data for the app content, Cronica uses the TMDb API. TMDb collects minimal information to provide this functionality, such as the user’s IP address. For more information, please see TMDb's Privacy Policy terms.

Cronica is offered as an open-source project, with the exception of the API Keys. The app’s code can be viewed on GitHub.

If you have any questions, please contact the developer at [email protected].