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Effortless Anime Tracking.

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The best way to use MyAnimeList on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Vision Pro.

Kitsune for MyAnimeList takes a minimalistic approach, focusing on what truly matters: helping you stay organized and up-to-date with your favorite anime and manga.

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Your Schedule

Explore a meticulously organized timeline showcasing current and forthcoming releases on a weekly basis.
Easily track your progress by swiftly marking the next episode as watched.

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Apple Music Integration

Play the opening and ending themes, with seamless integration for Apple Music, allowing you to enjoy your favorite openings without leaving the app.

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Your Lists, always with you.

The My List screen is crafted to streamline your viewing and reading experience, allowing effortless transitions between anime and manga.
With just a swipe, you can easily mark episodes, chapters, or volumes as watched or read, and swiftly access the Edit screen to make any necessary adjustments.

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Minimalistic and Elegant Design

Dive into your beloved anime and manga with ease, explore character profiles, swiftly track watched episodes, and adjust scores.
Kitsune is crafted with you in mind.

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